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At Melbourne Dentist we’ll bring a smile to your face
We’re here to find solutions that fit in with your life.
At Melbourne Dentist we understand it can be tough to decide who to place your trust in when considering a new dental practise.
For most of our patients it’s the personal relationship that’s developed with all practise members that helps ensure stress free dental treatment.
Knowing this, we offer a free initial consultation with our treatment co-ordinator and dentist.
At this visit you will see the practise, meet the team and discuss any issues you have, treatment preferences, needs and wants. You will:
  • Get a feel for the practise.
  • Find out who we are and if you’re likely to feel confident and comfortable with our services.
  • Determine if we are the right fit for your and your families dental needs.
  • Discover more about the services we offer to help with your dental issues.

If you then wish to continue with us, we can offer you one of the most comprehensive assessments available.

I’ve always taken an interest in jobs that involve skill, design and artistry. From a young age I was also fascinated by the field of science.
When I started dentistry, I knew I’d made the right choice. I realised that it was the perfect combination of many of the things I loved.
Dentistry allows me to problem-solve and be creative with my hands. Through dentistry I get to help people in a meaningful way every day.

Dr David Treherne.

Our Services

Improving your smile

View recent before and after results. Send us some photos to get your free online cosmetic eConsult. Or discover the wide range of options we offer to improve your smile.
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Emergency Care

We cater for the unexpected and leave spaces in our schedule to accommodate it. This means we don’t compromise the time of our patients who have booked appointments. We aim to help all people with dental pain on the day they call our practice.
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Gum Care

Our hygienists may just offer the most valuable service in the practice. Gum disease is not only the major cause of tooth loss beyond middle age, it’s also linked to health problems such as heart attack, stroke, diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Take up our latest incredibly priced offer for a hygiene visit combined with a home bleaching system to meet these wonderful professionals.
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Replacing teeth

Whether it’s a single tooth missing or all of them, we offer a great number of reliable and safe options to fix the problem. We’re sure to find you a removable or permanently fixed solution that will both look natural and fit in with your budget.
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Rebuilding teeth

Discover why some teeth continuously break, and the many solutions we offer to reliably rebuild them. Complete our online Oral Health Checklist to receive your free personalised dental health report.
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Preserving Teeth

Are you looking to keep your remaining teeth in place and trouble free for the rest of your life? This is the primary goal of our practice. There are so many factors that can put your teeth at risk. But we’re here to find out what these factors are, and to put a plan in place to help you reduce these risks.
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Dr. Treherne has 30 years of clinical experience. He is supported by two hygienists, both of whom have over 20 years of experience themselves.


From state-of-the-art materials to the latest technology. From the most up-to-date procedures to the most stringent patient protection. At Melbourne dentist, our goal is delivering the highest quality dental care available.


Personalising our service to you is a very important part of getting to know you. With your input, the staff at Melbourne dentist will design the perfect plan for your long term oral health.

Meet Our Staff
What Our Patients Say

We are proud to say that 95% of all new patients are referred to us by patients we already treat.

  • David was fantastic with my lapsed dental care. I spent four hours in the chair and was very relaxed through it all!
    Now I need to head to Melbourne for the next round!

    Sally, Facebook,  September 2015. 

  • I took my 6 yr old boy to see Dr Treherne and his wonderful staff for his first dental visit. I have to say this was the most positive experience for my son and he cannot wait to return again!
    Thank you to David and his incredibly welcoming and professional team for making the experience exceptionally positive for a little child
    Five stars from us all.

    Maria, Google+, August 2015.

  • David is by far and away the best dentist I've ever been to. Top quality work and reasonably priced (it's all relative of course). It's actually fun to visit and there's great banter in the chair and repartee with his budding assistant! My wife now goes there and I hope others will to.

    Jedda, True Local, August 2014.

  • ....finally someone at work referred me to David Treherne. What a relief! I have recommended him to so many people already as he is a fantastic dentist. He sits down with you & talks you through your options if you need anything major done and is very thorough, professional & reasonably priced. His receptionists & nurses are friendly and best of all I get to watch Sex & the City dvd's on the TV mounted on the ceiling above the dental chair which makes even root canal seem less nasty. They do have a directory of dvd's though in case you're not a fan of SITC;)

    Lenie, True Local, July 2012.

  • David has been my dentist for the time in which I have lived in Melbourne. The last five years. He and his team are simply excellent. From the definite lack of pain with his anaesthetic application to brilliant work with caps and restoration I can state categorically I have really been happy with his dentistry and maintenance program.

    Frank, LinkedIn, November 2007.

Teeth whitening

Are your teeth darker in colour than you’d like? Are you happy with your smile apart from your tooth colour? Have you tried toothpastes and over the counter bleach with little success?

One of the easiest and quickest treatments we offer is teeth whitening, also known as bleaching.

This simplicity, reliability and affordability has made teeth bleaching extremely popular at Melbourne Dentist.

To predictably give our patients the smile they’re, we have two simple and safe processes.

We’ve added a few extra steps with some newly developed materials. We’re getting some fantastic results!

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Porcelain veneers and crowns

At Melbourne dentist we’re excited to be using modern ceramic technology. It allows porcelain veneers and porcelain crowns to be made very thin yet incredibly strong!

The new dental porcelains allow us to save more tooth structure.  We can make smaller adjustments to teeth and still be able to improve their shape, position, colour and surface lustre.

Our digital smile design technique will allow you to see a ‘mock-up’ of your new smile directly in your mouth.

We move forwards with treatment only when you are completely happy with the proposed changes. We then have our Melbourne based master dental technician use your final design to make the permanent dental  veneers or porcelain crowns.

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Tooth coloured fillings

A smile can be transformed simply by replacing old worn discoloured fillings.

When it comes to dark back teeth there are three ways to replace dental amalgam. The material and technique used is determined by how strong the remaining tooth structure is after we remove all old filling material, decay and cracks.

Composite resin (plastic) fillings

These can last a very long time if 60% of your tooth structure remains.

Below this figure the tooth has lost a significant amount of its strength and rigidity.

Porcelain inlays are an alternative to composite fillings and in almost all circumstances they offer an even more durable and beautiful solution.

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Porcelain inlays and onlays

These porcelain restorations are used when only 40% to 60% of your tooth structure remains.

They are made in a laboratory by master ceramicists and are much stronger than the plastic restorations.

They require two visits:
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Porcelain Crowns

These are useful when less than 40% of your tooth structure remains.

When only this much structure remains there is not enough tooth structure to hold a composite resin filling or a porcelain onlay.

A crown covers the whole tooth and acts to splint and protect it from breaking or fracturing.
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Dental Implants

Is a lost tooth ruining your smile? Do you have trouble chewing comfortably after losing a tooth? Lost teeth don’t have to stay lost.

Dental implants are reliable, safe alternatives for replacing missing teeth. More and more people are using implants to return function and beauty.
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Digital Smile Design

Digital Smile Design is the modern take on the art of smile transformation.

Blending art and science, high-resolution digital images are used to map your ideal smile based on facial landmarks and your chosen teeth shape, shade and form.

This then enables you to visualise and effectively ‘test-drive’ an individually tailored cosmetic dental ‘mock-up’, before committing to treatment.
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Premium appliances change the way that dentures and dental plates are seen in dentistry.

Dentistry’s ongoing technological march has also encompassed the world of dentures and now allows for the creation of Premium Appliances that allay the concerns of the past.

The functionality, look and feel of a denture doesn’t have to be compromised when manufactured with expert knowledge as a Premium Appliance.

Premium Appliances are created with ideal aesthetics in mind, combined with your own personal take on how you would like your teeth to appear. A good set of false teeth can be made to look as good as the real thing.

A small number of dental implants can even be placed in the upper or lower jaw to support an entire full denture with similar sturdiness as natural teeth.

Smile design is no longer left to chance. At Melbourne Dentist a range of digital technologies are combined with sound design principles to create stunning outcomes.
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Dental hygienists and gum therapy

Prevention is a primary focus of Melbourne Dentist and professional teeth cleaning is an integral part of this philosophy.

Regular maintenance of the teeth and gums is crucial for your overall health Substantial research has found links between gum disease and conditions such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes and digestive disorders.

A dental hygiene visit at Melbourne Dentist begins with a thorough screening of your current health. Gum pockets are measured to check the periodontal condition of each tooth.

Your teeth are cleaned over a sixty minute appointment with an ultrasonic unit used to detach and remove adhered calculus from the teeth. They are then gently hand-scaled to ensure all surfaces have been cleared of build-up.

A minty polish finishes your appointment to leave your teeth sparkling clean.

Our hygiene appointments are also often combined with whitening top-ups, making it easier than ever to maintain your white smile as well as the health of your teeth.
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Composite veneers (Dental bonding)

Composite veneers are an alternative to porcelain veneers. They are more cost effective and less invasive than porcelain veneers.

Instead of being produced in a dental laboratory from a model of your teeth, composite veneers are produced by placing layers of various shades of tooth coloured resin directly to the tooth surface and then setting or “curing” the resin.

Like porcelain veneers they can dramatically improve a crooked, worn or gappy smile.
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Full mouth reconstructions

The instability inherent in a broken down bite forces the need for consistent ongoing treatment.

The bite owner will suffer persisting pain, impaired function, displeasing aesthetics and jaw joint problems.

If left, we usually witness the premature loss of all teeth.

The rehabilitation of a broken down bite can be one of the most challenging procedures in dentistry.

Dental implants, porcelain veneers, porcelain crowns, porcelain inlays and onlays, dental bridges and teeth whitening can be used as part of the restoration.

Full mouth rehabilitation seeks to take an overall view of your dental health, often requiring the rebuilding of every tooth.

The process can be extensive, but the functional and aesthetic results can be amazing.

Teeth removal

Unfortunately, sometimes a tooth cannot be saved.

Sometimes you may just prefer tooth extraction over its restoration.

If the remaining structure of the tooth is too compromised or the gum support remaining is limited, removal may be the best course of action.
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In almost all circumstances it is best to replace the tooth that is being removed.

Tooth replacement is required to maintain function and stability. Adjacent and opposing teeth will drift into a gap left by a missing tooth.

This can eventually lead to severe disruption and collapse of the bite in the area.
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Wisdom Teeth

Wisdom teeth are commonly removed as they are non-functional and can cause significant damage to surrounding teeth and gums.
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Smile makeovers

Ever been curious about what your perfect smile would look like?

Thinking about rejuvenating your smile, and want to make sure it meets your expectations?

Smile makeover design is no longer left to chance.

At Melbourne Dentist a range of digital technologies are combined with sound design principles to create stunning outcomes.

Two short visits with Melbourne Dentist will:

  • Determine exactly what it is you want from your smile
  • Supply you with a digital simulation of the smile you’ve always wanted.

Alternatively, why not try our Free Cosmetic e-Consult service.

Quickly complete our form to describe your issues, upload one or more photos and we will outline some treatment options that will help you achieve the smile you’re after.
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Root canal treatments

There are a number of ways that infection can strike the internal soft tissues of a tooth.

Pain may not be the immediate result, although the acute flare up of such an infection can be one of the most painful experiences you could have.

Root canal treatment is very effective at addressing this issue and allows you to keep the tooth.

The best new is, when the appropriate modern protocols are followed, this treatment is rarely painful.
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Orthodontics harnesses the bodies own abilities to remodel itself.

Many varied orthodontic treatments allow the dental profession to precisely and accurately move teeth and jaws.

Along with improved aesthetic alignment, facial profiles, breathing difficulties and teeth functional positions can also be improved.

Orthodontics can make an incredible contribution to a great smile and a lifetime of dental health.
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Children’s dentistry

Children are some of our most special patients, and we always look forward to making your child’s day – and smile – a little brighter.

A child’s first few visits to the dentist can have effect for the rest of their life – at Melbourne dentist, we make sure the experience is friendly and positive.

For your child, the dental surgery is a very strange and new place.
Different sights, smells and sounds can make any child feel at ease, no matter their age.

This is why it’s important that the dental professionals your child sees are used to seeing and treating children, and know the special care that is needed when working with different age groups.

A ride in the dental chair can be fun, and getting to know some of the staff as new friends sets a good precedent for co-operation and comfort.

Children slightly older can enjoy controlling the chair with foot pedals, and relax with popular cartoons playing on the screen above.

As much interaction as your child is comfortable with is always encouraged, and we take special care in attending to every question our young charges have to make sure they feel part of the experience.
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