Emergency Dentistry

If it hurts or it’s broken, it’s an emergency!

We aim to help all people with dental pain on the day they call our practice.

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For after-hours contact, complete the Emergency eForm. This eForm service is monitored very regularly – in most cases we will respond without delay.

The latest dental technology and 30 years of experience means we are skilled at handling all emergencies including toothache, gum ache, denture repairs, broken or chipped teeth and painful wisdom teeth.

A dental emergency means different things to different people. Most often it involves pain, but not always. For example, who would deny that a crown falling off a front tooth the day before a wedding was not an emergency.

We understand and cater for such unexpected events. We leave spaces in our schedule to accommodate for them without compromising regular patient treatment.

We also understand and can help with the stress and anxiety that’s often at the core of long term dental problems.

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