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If you’ve looked around at other dentists’ profiles already you’d note a similar pattern emerging. We’re all passionate. We’re all looking to produce the finest dentistry possible. We’re all highly qualified.

My story is no different than many. I entered university as the youngest in my year with the highest enter score. I had just become dux of Essendon Grammar. I breezed through university, and having a constant need for knowledge in all areas of life, I’ve done countless hours of continuing education over the last 30 years.

But does any of this matter?

Well yes. But…one thing I noticed as I neared the end of my time at university was that heightened knowledge does not necessarily transfer through to great hand skills and decision making. So it’s these two areas that I have tried to really concentrate on improving over my whole career. I believe that it’s honing these skills that actually produces great dentistry.

We all have pivotal moments in life that at first appear innocuous.
For me, one of these was a casual discussion that I had with a final year university mentor. At the time (and even more so now with high education fees) many young graduates were out to immediately make an impact and make some money. Most employees were looking for the same outcome and pushed the fresh graduates to produce. My mentor’s advice… to make sure my first job allowed me to take my time. To resist the push for speed from an employee. To perfect my techniques and then speed would come later.

He was reminding me that only perfect practice makes perfect.
I started my career on this path, and I continue on it to this day.
This doesn’t mean that I’m slow. But great dentistry takes time and strict adherence to process. And newer technologies that promise faster results, rarely deliver the best results.

Great decision making is much harder to hone than hand skills.
Anyone can plan a couple of fillings, a teeth clean, and a recall to check things over again in 6 months.
But overseeing a complex plan where multiple specialists are involved…that’s something completely different.

I was extremely lucky to be invited to participate in the Melbourne branch of the Seattle Study Club in the early 2000’s. Each local group around the world has an experienced specialist in every field, along with a small number of more experienced clinicians. And the primary aim of the group…collaboration. Discussing complex cases, and working through ways to get the more difficult things done as a team.

This group has defined my later career.
Getting to see these top end specialists at work has convinced me of another important fact. Trying to be a one-stop-shop in dentistry is a poor idea. It’s far better to surround yourself with experts in their field so that you can offer your patients the very best that modern dentistry has to offer.

But what about life about outside of dentistry?

I’ve been married to my lovely wife Sarina since 1996, and we have two beautiful daughters together. Sarina has a masters in Fine Art, is a practicing artist and teaches art and design at tertiary level.

We both enjoy regularly walking our Staffy’s. If you’re looking for a great breed of dog, this is it. But don’t go to a breeder. Rescue one from Stafford Rescue Victoria. We’ve rescued four to this point!

I try to keep fit by attending Taekwondo classes. I’ve done this for the past 9 years and I love the club atmosphere at Halls TKD. Their motto is “Fitness with meaning”. And they really do achieve this. There’s the traditional art, mixed with self defence and HIIT classes. It’s a great club!

Keeping active and fit is important when you love food as much as I do.
My wife’s a great cook, and I also love to experiment in the kitchen. Particularly if it’s complicated. People look at me like I’m mad when I say this. But to me, it’s just like one great big fun chemistry experiment, with awesome smells, and a great taste to finish.



Dental Hygienist and Therapist

Stephanie is a dually trained dental hygienist and therapist who has worked alongside Dr. Treherne for over 15 years. Stephanie graduated from Curtin University in Western Australia in 1990 and has been working passionately in the dental field since that time.

She has worked as a hygienist in her home state of Western Australia, and for 3 years previously in London.



Dental Hygienist

Rosalynd is a dental hygienist who gained her Associated Diploma of Dental Hygiene in Adelaide in 1993. With a past in dental nursing, Ros had a good footing in both patient care and treatment specifications when undertaking dental hygiene and it has resulted in a genuine passion for her work.

Ros is a member of the Dental Hygienists’ Association, and in her spare time enjoys sailing and eating out. She loves to travel and has a life-long love of horse-riding.



Receptionist, Treatment Co-ordinator

Melissa is a registered dental assistant who completed her Certificate III in Dental Assisting in 1997 and has been working in the field ever since. While her history has been primarily in clinical work, her role now encompasses many aspects of assistance including reception and treatment detailing.

Melissa’s interest in dentistry was raised by having multiple visits as a child for orthodontics and other complex work. This created a comfort and ease within the dental surgery that made the position appealing when considering job options. Since beginning her traineeship, the job role has been a natural fit and Mel has enjoyed over fifteen years in the dental field.

One of Mel’s key passions is travel. Having seen almost every continent, it is a key ambition to complete her wishlist of exotic locales and her many adventures have given way to many, many interesting stories.
She is also an avid tennis fan, attending the Australian Open every year, and enjoys movies and going out with friends. Melissa routinely completes 2 or 3 books a week as a self-confessed bookworm, and particularly enjoys the book series Women’s Murder Club by James Patterson, and the beloved Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling.



Assistant, Treatment Co-ordinator

Ethan is a dental assistant who gained his Certificate III in Dental Assisting in 2009 and has been working as a chairside surgical assistant since that time. He primarily works within the surgery with Dr. Treherne as a technical assistant, and sees most of the patients that come to the practice for treatment.

A fan of film and television, Ethan finds working with patients to be the most rewarding of all the duties encompassed in dental assisting and likes to make the in-chair experience as comfortable and relaxed as possible for all those attending the practice. Talk to him about your favourite movies and the conversation will go on for hours.



Assistant, Sterilization

Jaime is a registered dental assistant who recently gained her Certificate III in Dental Assisting at Menzies Institute of Technology. melbournedentist has been her first employ since certification and Jaime has become a key member of the team in her short time, picking up the details of clinical work with speed and ease.

Her job selection was based on a desire to work in the health care industry, and good inter-personal skills which relate well into the role of nursing.

Jaime enjoys playing basketball in her spare time and reading fiction.